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What a Mug!

We all enjoy a few cuppas each day. And whether it’s at home or at work, most of us have a preferred mug from which to drink it. One that we will often keep for years and use it several times each day. This makes personalised mugs a fantastic message carrier for advertisers wanting to target a specific group of people.

Don’t be a Mug

Like so many promotional items, prior to placing an order for branded mugs it is imperative to put a bit of thought into what you are buying and why. Knowing your audience can be the difference between wasting money, and bolstering the image of your brand. For example, there is little point in sending bone china tea cups to a building site, and likewise jumbo coffee mugs would probably get a mixed reception at a parish ladies club. Colour, shape and branding can also have an effect on whether your mug will be loved and used, or shoved into the back of a cupboard, coming out only when the rest are in the dishwasher!

How Many Tea Bags in the Pot?

Budget is an important factor when choosing your mugs. It certainly is tempting to get as many as you can for the budget you have. But this may not be the smartest route to follow. If you are taking a below the line approach to a promotion, carefully choosing a smaller number of clients and segregating them into groups so that each gets a different [but appropriate] mug, could be time and money better spent. Whilst this tactic may not result in your brand being printed on as many products, it will result in your name or message sitting more often and for longer in front of the people you really want to target!

Give it a Stir

Another factor to consider is how you will get your mugs in front of your audience. Unlike a pen or keyring, you can’t simply pop one in an envelope for posting. This leaves you with two options; deliver it by hand or have it properly packed and delivered by a third party.

Both have merits and both incur different costs. Hand delivery can have that personal touch. It may even provide a good excuse to drop in on a prospect unannounced, or used as an ice breaker at a sales meeting.

However, delivery by a 3rd party also has a certain appeal. We all love to receive surprises, and an unexpected box arriving on your desk is a very welcome distraction. The sense of customer delight generated upon opening can only be achieved in this manner. And although this method of distribution is more expensive, with the right mug and the right branding, it can have a vastly superior impact.

The Last Drop

Regardless of who your target audience is, and what shape or colour you opt for, choosing personalised mugs is a smart advertising move. Just ensure you take the above points on board so that you get the last drop out of your advertising campaign!