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Customer Charter

Our aim is to provide you, our customers, with the highest service levels we can. This customer charter states the service levels we aim to provide at all times, to all customers. If you feel we have not adhered to our commitments and this has inconvenienced you in some way, we want to hear about it. All complaints regarding our customer charter should be addressed to your sales representative or by sending an email to sales@brightpromotions.co.uk

Communication with our Clients

We communicate using a variety of media. We commit to ensuring that at all times our clients are treated with courtesy, professionalism and efficiency. We will communicate in the clearest, most straight forward language possible, issuing timely communications about every relevant part of our service delivery.  Our service standards are as follows:


  • Calls will be answered promptly and politely
  • Identify ourselves to you
  • Promptly and accurately forward your query to the appropriate section or persons
  • Respond to voice messages within 2 hours of receipt
  • Missed phone calls returned within 2 hours from when the appropriate person is available

Post, Email and Website Enquiries

  • Emails and web enquiries acknowledged by a real human within 4 hours
  • Mail acknowledged within 1 day of receipt by the appropriate person

Quotations, Invoicing & Pricing

We will ensure all pricing and details on quotations and invoices are clear, transparent and unambiguous. We will outline all costs involved in producing your product and/or service prior to beginning production. There will be no hidden extras. Where your requirements change after an order has been agreed, any necessary additional costs will be clearly outlined and explained.

Our Time Commitments to You Are:

  • Quotations for standard products provided within 1 day of receiving complete request details. Non-standard, unusual, or bespoke products may take longer.
  • Invoices raised and sent to you within 48 hours of order dispatch


At all times we commit to making our operations as efficient as possible. Once an order has been placed we will provide a clear and concise order confirmation outlining all of the necessary product details. We will also provide an on-screen virtual sample artwork proof. This will clearly outline all of the relevant branding details in an easy to understand format.

Our Time Commitments to You Are:

  • Order & Artwork approvals provided within 1.5 days of receipt of order, artwork instructions and workable graphics detail
  • Delivery dates confirmed within 1.5 days of order & artwork approval
  • Confirm dispatch and anticipated delivery date within 1 day of dispatch taking place



If our level of service levels do not meet your expectations and you are unhappy, we want to hear about it. Our team is here to help you in the fastest, most efficient, friendly and hassle free way possible. Any complaints will be dealt with in a fair and appropriate way, with the option of using a neutral 3rd party if necessary. Outlined below is our response time frame. Where we are unable to adhere to these timings, we will let you know why and outline what the next steps are. You will be kept informed at all times.

Our Time Commitments to You Are:

  • Acknowledge all complaints within 4 hours
  • Propose a solution within 2 days
  • Where a credit is required, it will be issued within 5 days



We understand that during any project, we may be privy to commercially sensitive documents, graphics and other information. We commit to maintaining in strict confidence all information shared with us. Such information will only be disclosed and discussed internally. If necessary, it will be shared with 3rd parties only upon receipt of permission from the client.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is available upon request.


Equal Status

We are fully committed to providing a service that is accessible and relevant to all our clients. Clients will not be discriminated against by us on the grounds of:

  • Gender (including sex, marriage, gender re-assignment)
  • Race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin)
  • Disability
  • Religion or belief
  • Age


Help Us to Help You

You can help us to improve our service to you by:

  • Making comments and suggestions about our service
  • Reporting any issues as they arise
  • Participating in any customer surveys we conduct
  • Giving us all the information we need to help you

We also expect that in return you will:

  • Observe and adhere to our Terms and Conditions of sale and any other policies in place such as Credit Terms
  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • Be fair and honest in your dealings with us
  • Remember that we are all human and susceptible to the occasional error or oversight
  • Respect the rights of and show fairness to other clients

Please note: We will always aim to do our utmost to meet the above commitments, but there may be rare occasions where we are unable to do so for reasons outside of our control (for example, where providers, couriers, or other third parties are involved). In these instances there may be times where our ability to deliver on these commitments is compromised.

This customer charter is not a legal document and has no standing in law. All times and dates shown are based on our working hours.