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Deliver Your Unique Specific Message with Personalised Calendars

Bright Promotions is the best resource for what it takes to close the deal using creative marketing products. Personalised calendars not only retain your current customers, but definitely help influence potential customers who received quotes during the year. How can we be so confident this is a beneficial tool that will benefit your company? Our years of experience has proven that any client will jump at the chance for their customers to have long term exposure to their brand; which is what a calendar will do for an entire year.

An additional benefit of ordering personalised calendars is the versatility afforded by this marketing product. We understand how important it is that you stand out from your competitors, so we create a style that will suit you and impress your special customers; a proven way to earn their appreciation. Choose from a wide assortment of calendars which meet your unique specifications while staying within your budget.

Develop Targeting Strategies
Your purchase will be even more effective as you focus on the target market for your enterprise. We will keep you informed of the endless uses for this product which will result in your ultimate marketing success, which include:

  • Calendars as Christmas gifts
  • Charities use these products in fundraising efforts
  • Advertising tools keep your name visible to current customers and introduce you to potential customers

Why are we the Best Choice for Marketing and Promotion Products?
Our long term commitment to superior customer service includes an exceptional assortment of quality personalised calendars in many formats such as card or block pad desk calendars and any number of commercial, memo, shipping or picture wall calendar designs. Choose full colour, screen printed or foil blocked styles; we will design whatever you need.

Place Your Order Promptly
Delivery time varies depending on the time of the year. Give us a lead time of 3-4 weeks as standard, or 1-2 weeks express to deliver your personalised calendars for your upcoming event or special marketing campaign. To expedite your order, simply fill out the “Quick Enquiry Form” on the left side of the page. You may also phone us on 028 9581 0110. Mailing envelopes are also available for this purposeful marketing product; just ask us for this or any other special need you require.