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Keep up to Date with Personalised Diaries

In these technology obsessed times some might say that the era of personalised diaries is at an end. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Apart from having practical advantages over a mobile device such as not having to be charged each night or not smashing to smithereens when dropped onto the floor, diaries also have a special place in our hearts as a simple but incredibly effective means of keeping track of our lives.

From a business gift point of view personalised diaries make a huge amount of sense. Few other items will accompany your client for a full year. Few other products will be seen and used on a daily basis. And few other products are so well received by clients from all industries. Call us today on 028 9581 0110 to find out more information or to order your personalised diaries.

Standard or customised diaries make a great gift.
For low cost budgets or bulk buying orders our standard options include pocket diaries, A4 & A5 diaries and academic diaries. For a higher end purchase we can customise your diary with metal corners, pen loops and printed ribbon markers. This enhances the appearance of the diary, making it out stand out from others, which adds value to the product as a gift. Personalised diaries are used throughout the entire year which make them a very practical gift. If the receiver of the gift uses the diary at least once a day then your brand is being exposed greatly. This in turn pushes your sales and helps your customer base to grow.

A few benefits of giving a diary as a gift
Vast Selection: We offer an array of shapes, sizes, colours and levels of quality. This means we will be able to find a product to suit you and your budget.
High perceived value: Most people use a diary each year and retail styles and prices are often not cheap. Therefore, personalised diaries have a high perceived value and make a customer feel special.

Ordering is quick and simple just fill out the quick entry form on the left side of this page or email us at sales@brightpromotions.co.uk You can also call us on 028 9581 0110. Our standard lead time for personalised diaries is 3-6 weeks. However an express service of as little as a few day is available on some items.